Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes They’ll Love


Here’s what my vegan Thanksgiving menu looks like so far:

Appetizer – my husband’s buddy will bring

Side dishesCreamy Kale Salad with Marinated Onions, vegan stuffing and gravy (my sis will bring) Gourmet Cherry and Cranberry Rum Sauce and candied sweet potatoes (my blogger buddy Ivonne will bring)

Main dish – yet to be determined

Dessert – I’m making my blogger buddy, Poppy’s amazing Baked Nutty Pumpkin and Orange Cheesecake (I’m cheating on my no-sugar pledge, but just for the holiday)

So this weekend I just have to decide on the main dish. Here’s what I’m considering:

1. Versatile Vegan Quiche by Vegangela

Quiche may not be traditional Thanksgiving fare, but when it looks this good, who cares!


2. Simple Lasagna by

My husband loves pasta, so he’ll be celebrating if I serve this for Thanksgiving dinner. What I like about this Simple Lasagna recipe is that it’s easy and basic and can be changed up in any way you like. I, for example, would add spinach and olives to it.


3. Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf by Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

I can just see a thick slice of this luscious loaf next to the stuffing, candied yams and cranberry sauce. This dish is also simple and really healthy!


4. Mushroom & Wild Rice Brioche by An Unrefined Vegan

Just look at this show-stopping dish Annie dreamed up. I’ve never even heard of a brioche before, but I know it will wow my friends and family.


5. Seitan Stuffed with Walnuts, Dried Cranberries & Mushrooms by Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

This seitan dish would be another show-stopper on my Thanksgiving table.


6. Sweet Potato Gnocchi by Food Republic

My husband loves all pasta, but I’m selective. I don’t care for spaghetti and some other pastas, but I love gnocchi, especially Sweet Potato Gnocchi. I’ve never made it from scratch, but this recipe looks simple enough.


7. ‘Beef’ Mushroom Wellington by Live Blissful

This ‘Beef’ Mushroom Wellington looks amazing!!! No one’s going to miss turkey if this is on their plate.


If you’re vegan, what do you make for holiday gatherings?

About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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70 Responses to Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes They’ll Love

  1. Wow, looks like quite a feast! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Aus, but I’ll definitely be trying some of the recipes nonetheless 🙂

  2. foodbod says:

    It all looks amazing!! Lucky visitors ☺️

  3. Nearly Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like such a fun holiday- especially the food!
    I need to get thinking about what to make for Christmas.
    I’ve made FFV meatless loaf before and really liked it but my vote’s for the Mushroom Wellington I think.
    The sides and dessert look like great choices.

    • I made the Mushroom Wellington last week and it was delish!! I’m debating between that and the Meatless Loaf. I haven’t tried the loaf yet, but it looks like it might be an easier dish to make. With everything else I’m making, easy is sounding really good right now. Thanks so much for your thoughts and support! Celeste 🙂

  4. I loved the brioche, seitan and meatloaf :). I have a book called complete vegetarian by Nicola Graime and she has lovely meat loaves in there :).

    • Hey Sonal! So many choices girlfriend, but I’ve narrowed it down to the Mushroom Wellington or Meatless Loaf. The loaf is by far the most popular choice of my readers. I’ll have to check out that cookbook one of these days too!! I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving chica!! Celeste 🙂

  5. The Vegan 8 says:

    All looks really delicious! Love the loaf one! I am making cheesecake for dessert too! I just posted an amazing cinnamon spice cheesecake yesterday that I will be making. It’s so good we may just skip our meal and go straight to dessert, haha! No, but seriously last year was our first year as vegans and I just made a huge pot of chili as the main dish.

    • OMG, OMG, OMG – I just checked out your Cinnamon Spice Cheesecake and it was SO beautiful! With the swirl pattern on top, it looks like something you’d find in a high-end bakery!!! And it’s SO healthy too! I posted your recipe on facebook and twitter, and I’m sharing the link here because this needs to be shared!
      I think I’m gonna make your cheesecake for Christmas!

      Oh, and I hear you with skipping dinner and just going for dessert (the only way I keep from doing that is my fear of looking like a pig in front of my guests!). By the way, your blog is such an inspiration to me. It’s so beautiful, professional and your recipes are amazing and healthy. Maybe one day when the holiday’s are over you’ll grace my blog with a guest post. Celeste 🙂

  6. vixbakes says:

    Hi Celeste, hope you are well. I made the stuffed seitan two years ago for Christmas. It was great, but it took a couple attempts to fine tune the oven temperature and cooking time, so I do recommend doing a trial run in advance! The meatless loaf looks delicious too, I’ll have to check it out soon. Fat Free Vegan is great for all things meaty-but-meatless, Susan Voisin is a very talented cook!

    • Thanks so much for the tip about the stuffed seitan! I’ve already decided against that one, however; and am planning on either the Mushroom Wellington or the Meatless Loaf. A lot of people have suggested I go with the Meatless Loaf, so I’m leaning toward that. I love Fat Free Vegan too! It was the first blog I discovered when I started cooking plant-based, and it’s been a great resource for me. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment – I appreciate it! Celeste 🙂

  7. i can’t imagine a more delicious thanksgiving meal

  8. sophiazerg says:

    I hope you have a lovely holiday! I would go with the Meatless Loaf, although everything really looks scrumptious. I just think it will go so well with gravy, and cranberry sauce, etc. 🙂
    Have a great time!

    • The Meatless Loaf is getting lots of love from people, so I’m seriously considering it. I’ve also got my eye on that Mushroom Wellington, however (I’ve got a thing for things wrapped in dough). Thanks for your thoughts Sophia! Celeste 🙂

      • sophiazerg says:

        Oh, I hear your on the wellingtons! Sound so good!
        Lindsay from Happy Herbivore made these delicious looking mini meatless loafs yesterday on her live show that she started a few weeks back. It should be uploaded to Youtube today. 🙂 The whole meal is actually perfect for thanksgiving, and I’ve been craving to make it tonight just because. 🙂

  9. Mmm, my mouth is watering! I love sweet potato gnocchi, and that loaf looks excellent too- let us know what you end up choosing for your main dish!

  10. Oh my goodness this looks so delicious!

  11. lizziefit says:

    Ok I’m voting for the stuffed seitan or the meatless loaf. Wow. Put either of those dishes on the table and you’ll have your guests saying, what turkey?!

  12. the vegan style revivalist says:

    Well, you’re just make my planning that much better!

  13. cowgirl (as in cows are awesome and I love them) says:

    Wow!!! Fantastic, mouthwatering roundup. I’m visiting my family for Christmas and they are making a rib rack or something, so I’m definitely looking for something tantalizing I can make for me. These look so amazing, I’m sure I won’t be the only one partaking if I make any one of them. I’ll be cooking out of a kitchen in a guest house my parent’s are staying at though, so I’ll probably have to opt for something simple as it’s probably not well stocked with cookware, etc. But I’ll definitely be taking my Blendtec, so that will help. (For fun, try telling a non-vegan you are traveling with your blender just to see the reaction. Good times!) Love these holiday roundup posts. Very helpful. 🙂

    • Hey Cowgirl! I’ve seriously considered traveling with my Vitamix, but the hubby’s always talked me out of it. I’m thinking about getting my sis a Vitamix for a wedding gift, however (would that be selfish if I’m doing it in part for me?). Anyway, I hear you with wanting to make something easy. Even when I’m cooking at home, I prefer simple recipes. I’ve never been one of those people who just loves to slave in the kitchen. I cook because I want to eat healthfully and because I like to eat.

      It sounds like you want to cook something, but if you want to do something really easy, Field Roast has a Hazelnut Cranberry Roast that you can buy frozen. I’ve never tried it, but a blogger I know highly recommended it. Here’s what she says about it:

      Good luck with your choice chica, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. kaylaforreal says:

    Oooh, these all look super tempting. I’d say pick one of them to actually make on Thanksgiving, but plan to make the others to enjoy on other nights, too! I won’t tell the Thanksgiving Police, if you do! :p Personally, for on Thanksgiving unless you’re up for a challenge, I’d pick one that seems easiest to make so you have a no stress, relaxing and yummy holiday. 🙂

    • I’m with you on making something easy on Thanksgiving!! I was thinking about making the Mushroom Wellington, but I think the Meatless Loaf is easier to make so I might go with that instead. Thanks so much for your comment – I really appreciate it! Celeste 🙂

  15. Poppy says:

    Wow, what an exciting menu! And what an honour that you decided on the cheesecake!
    As for the main, wow what choices! For me it would be between the mushroom brioche or the stuffed seitan. I think I’m leaning more toward the brioche!
    I usually do some kind of wellington style main or stuffed portabello mushrooms!
    I look forward to your final menu! 😀

  16. findingmyinnercourage says:

    Wishing I could be a fly on the wall to watch all this being cooked and ti zoom in in a taste here and there. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Ally says:

    I vote for the mushroom wellington. Particularly since you have already made it, and know that it is delicious. I have made a few liveblissful recipes (not this one though) and they have all been scrumptious.
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, Celeste.

    • Hey Ally! My only issue with the Wellington is that it’s time consuming to make and makes a big mess. I might go with it, but prepare as much as I can the day before Thanksgiving so that I’m not spending all my time cooking while guests are here. Thanks for your thoughts girlfriend – I appreciate them!! 🙂

  18. Thanks for including my brioche, girl! But I have to say that the stuffed seitan looks so, so good!

  19. Sweet potato gnocchi sounds amazing! But they all look so good. Yum too many options!

  20. Veggiewitch says:

    Reblogged this on veggiewitch and commented:
    I love ALL of these mains and sides! /drool

    Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous list. ❤

  21. Rika says:

    What an interesting Thanksgiving menu – I wish I can celebrate Thanksgiving that day, but we will be having a belated light Thanksgiving lunch next weekend. Same here, we are making dulce de leche cheesecake for dessert and I ❤ cheesecakes! Love Vegangela, shes amazing and one of my fave buddies! xx

  22. What an interesting Thanksgiving menu – I wish I can celebrate Thanksgiving that day, but we will be having a belated light Thanksgiving lunch next weekend. Same here, we are making dulce de leche cheesecake for dessert and I ❤ cheesecakes! Love Vegangela, shes amazing and one of my fave buddies! xx Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving especially to your loved ones!

  23. Ralph says:

    Wow Celeste, what a beautiful meal !! As for the “Main dish – yet to be determined” is that a code for “turkey a la vegan” ??? 😉 Anyway, why have a main dish ? Go the buffet route with many of your exquisite delights ….. just a thought 😀 xox

    • If by “turkey a la vegan” you mean “Tofurkey” then NO WAY!!! This chica won’t go there! I’ve never tasted Tofurkey, and I don’t ever plan to. And you’re probably right Ralph, I don’t even need a main dish. Just put out a spread of side dishes and let people fill up on those. We’ll see!! I hope you have a lovely week Ralph. Why not go out and buy yourself a new hat or something fun this week. Celeste 🙂

  24. What a wonderful assortment of choices! Every one of them looks mouthwatering! Can’t wait to see which dish makes the cut!

  25. Woah, what a great list of scrumptious-looking vegan recipes! I’m so honored that my humble quiche made this fancy list! Thank you so much! I want to try the other recipes ASAP!

    • Hey there Angela! I was honored to share your quiche on this list – it looks heavenly to me. I thought that since we’re doing an early Thanksgiving meal that your quiche would be perfect, but my hubby tells me that quiche is “breakfast food, not Thanksgiving food.” Where’s his sense of adventure!! So your quiche won’t be on our Thanksgiving table, but I’ll certainly be making it (for breakfast) soon! You really have such lovely recipes girlfriend. Celeste 🙂

      • No worries, I totally understand! Thanks for the kind words about my recipes. I’m totally loving your blog and glad to be able to keep up with it via Facebook (I don’t get to go through my RSS feeds as much as I’d like). Anyway, happy thanksgiving and thanks again for the mention!! 🙂

  26. xbox2121 says:

    There are links to several dishes here that are very simple and inexpensive to make, right up my alley 🙂 I really like the way you post multiple links in you blogs. Just so you know I am starting a new blog next month and it will be modeled very similar to yours. I just wanted to let you know I am stealing your model but I will give you credit for it 🙂

    • Hi Bob! I’m all for simple and inexpensive dishes too!! Not everything I make fits into this category, but I do my best. And I’m SO excited about your new blog Bob!!! I’m flattered that you’re stealing my model. The more of us getting the word out there to people about all the bennies of a vegan diet, the better. Please send me the link to your new blog when you get it going and I’ll give you a shout out on my blog. Celeste 🙂

      • xbox2121 says:

        Will do Celeste and thank you. You blog and that one single link about cows milk are what started me on my attempt to go vegan. I still have a long ways to go but I believe in baby steps for some things 🙂

    • Yea – I’m so excited for you! Just so you know, it took me months to go vegan. It was a challenge giving up all the stuff I was used to and loved at first. It’s really easy now that I’m used to it, however. I love being vegan now! 🙂

      • xbox2121 says:

        I guess I never even though about the fact that the switch to vegan would take some time for others as well. Now that I am thinking about it I don’t think many made the switch overnight 🙂

  27. Poppy says:

    Hey Celeste! I know you don’t tend to post awards but I couldn’t not include you as a loyal friend with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

    • Thanks Poppy! Yea, I don’t post awards all that much, but it’s still nice to be nominated. I really appreciate this. 🙂

      • Poppy says:

        I thought so. Even if you don’t post them, you still know I appreciate you and your blog! I only tend to post ones I haven’t had before now, otherwise it’s just very repetitive! 😀

  28. Wow, it all looks great and is mouthwatering– bet it was as good as it looks and nothing has to die for the meal!! Thanks for sharing with photos.

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